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Neuroscience of Neuromodulation:
London QEEG Advanced Workshop
December 9-11, 2016

Methods for the identification of EEG-phenotypes in mental health for the design of personalised neurofeedback protocols: In-depth case study analysis

Antonio Martins-Mourao, PhD


* Presenter at the BFE annual meetings and co-author of the book "Alpha-Theta Training in the 21st Century: A Handbook for Clinicians and Researchers"

loreta all slices SMALL.jpg

An unprecedented revolution is taking place in mental health after the National Institute for Mental Health’s (NIMH) decision to abandon funding of research studies based on the DSM-IV (now DSM-5). This means a change of paradigm for mental health interventions which are likely to abandon the observation of symptoms to concentrate on the research of biological markers and their role on a range of mental health conditions. The QEEG sits at the core of this paradigmatic shift by offering psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists a powerful analytical tool to investigate brain function.

This workshop will take our previous graduates into more advanced ground, consolidating the step-by-step process the analysis of raw EEG data to the design of personalised neurofeedback protocols using clinical cases brought to the workshop by our participants).

We will be proposing a step beyond normative database comparisons and further explore the relevance of mastering Independent Component Analysis (ICA), as a neuroscience-based (and peer-reviewed) method enabling the estimation of cortical and sub-cortical sources of signal, whilst clarifying the role of this information in the design of personalised neurofeedback protocols.

Our participants will now have an opportunity to consolidate knowledge and skills acquired in previous workshops. Since your first workshop with us, you have had the opportunity to record your own QEEGs, which has led to specific questions that you will be able to expand on, whilst interacting with colleagues with similar aims. In our experience, this will be an opportunity for the facilitation of high quality dialogue between professionals.

We call this fascinating process ‘bootstrapping’, allowing iterative approximations between theory and practice in a true Vygotskian constructive way, supporting practitioners in their process of confidence building.

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In-depth, step-by-step, analysis of clinical cases (ours and those brought by the participants), including the interpretation of raw data up to the design of personalised neurofeedback protocols and other therapeutic recommendations.

The programme includes:

(1) recaping of the steps used during artefact correction
(2) identification of EEG-phenotypes via spectral analysis
(3) Independent Component Analysis (ICA)
(4) launching of Loreta and sLoreta tomographies
(5) design of personalised Neurofeedback protocols for a range of mental health conditions
(6) emerging theoretical constructs used on the in EEG analysis and interpretation
(7) EEG-phenotypes (biomarkers) for ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and others
(8) Case formulation: integrating EEG data, clinical history, psychological evaluation and lifestyle data
(9) individual narratives, emotional timelines and neuropysiology
(10) from raw data to specific protocols: step-by-step

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• EARLY BIRD: £750 (deadline: November 19, 2016)
• Standard fee: £870
• Student fee: £690. Send signed departmental letter to welcome@londonscientificneurotherapy.com

Cancellation policy:

• Up to midnight of Nov 25th: 50% refund
• After November 25th: no refund

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The QEEG workshop will take place at the conference rooms Mezzanine 1, at the Holiday Inn, Camden Lock, Camden Town

The address is: 30 Jamestown Road, London NW1 7BY, UK

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